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Rally Bot GitHub App Integration

Connect GitHub Pull Requests to your Rally Stories/Defects

How it Works

Open a Pull Request in GitHub referencing the Rally Story/Defect URL in the Pull Request Description

Then Rally Bot automatically creates ...

  • 1

    A Content Attachment

    The title and description for the Rally Story/Defect is added to the Pull Request giving context to the developers that review it.

    Content attachment in GitHub on referenced pull request
  • 2

    A Rally Connection

    The connection is added to the Story/Defect, making it easy to see the Pull Request associated and a direct link to view the Pull Request in GitHub.

    Pull request connection added to the referenced story in Rally

Before you begin, you will need:

  • Owner/Manager access to GitHub Account

    You can check to see if you have the required permissions by going to "https://github.com/organizations/Your Organization Name/settings/apps". If you don't have access, you can request to become an App Manager from your GitHub Organization owner, instructions for adding an App Manager can be found here.

  • Rally Subscription ID

    Your Rally Subscription ID is located here. You can find it under the "Brief" section, labeled by "ID". If you are unable to access this URL to retrieve your ID, you do not have the permission level required in Rally. Please contact your Rally Admin for this ID.

  • Rally API Key

    You can setup an API Key here. We recommend using an API Key that is specifically used for automated actions (ex. builds, integrations).

Get Started

This integration is installed, removed, and configured within GitHub. Click the button to get started.

Setup Integration